Scott and the crew at Rhino Construction were wonderful to work with as new home owners who had projects that were beyond our abilities. From the beginning, Scott took his time to hear our thoughts and ideas, and helped us formulate the best plan for our budget and long term goals in a way that was not intimidating, and was in OUR best interest! The project was quoted with a detailed list of what was to take place, and how much each item would cost, so we always knew what to expect. The work was done in timely and professional manner that gave us peace of mind that the job was being done right the first time. I cannot stress how much I recommend this crew! If you need a personable professional who will not take advantage of you, AND do the work right the first time-look no further!

***Work Done:
-Removal of acoustic/popcorn ceiling
-Removed fireplace/half wall (future plans to move fireplace to another wall)
-Removal of flourescent light and plastic lens enclosure in kitchen-replace with can lights
-Removal of upper cabinets in kitchen
-Required permits obtained

***The end result allows us to have a open living space with clear sight lines which is more fitting to our family's needs. We are thrilled with the results!

A. Solanki


Can a contractor rebuild your home and your faith in humanity? Scott Reinhardt and Rhino Construction did just that for us. I have no connection to the company, except deep gratitude for a job well done and the joy of living in a home where every detail speaks to the passion that Scott and his crew have for exceptional workmanship, communication, and safety.

In late 2014 just before Christmas, we had a house fire. My wife, little boy, and 120-pound dog moved into a hotel. I wish I could say that Scott was the first person we hired, he wasn't. (See my other reviews for the gory details and to save yourself from the same fate.)

When we hired Scott, our home was full of problems, sloppy workmanship, and dangerous code violations. More than that, we had completely lost faith that there was anyone left in the construction business who cared more about their customers and product than their bottom line.

Scott and his company changed all of that. I could write this review for hours. I could give example after example of the times they went above and beyond to help us repair our home and return our lives to normalcy. I have witnessed, first hand, Scott's attention to detail. I have stood by his side and said that something looks great -- later overhearing him point out flaws to his crew, that only he noticed, and requesting that his workman fix them on his own dime. It would have been easy for him to move on, knowing that I was happy with the work, but that's not who Scott is.

When you make a decision to build, rebuild, or remodel a home -- sometimes we don't take into account how important our time and sanity is. Sometimes we trade it for a slightly lower price. I learned this lesson the hard way, I hope I can give you the gift of making the right decision the first time.

If you're trying to decide between companies -- send me a note, or call me. Scott can give you my information. I'll spend all the time you want explaining why when I have dinner, sit on my patio, or even writing a yelp review, that I think about, and am thankful for, the work Rhino did in our home.

Whatever the others say, whatever they promise, you can be sure that Scott and Rhino will deliver more -- with clear communication, insured workman, and an attention to detail that is a beautiful anomaly in our modern world. Scott is a craftsman who cares deeply about the finished product and more importantly his clients.

It is your home. It's your decision. It's your peace of mind. I hope this review helps you discover what it took us a year to learn -- there really is a "Best in the Business", and his name is Scott Reinhardt. Thanks, Scott!!!

Forest Guider


Scott and his crew did an amazing job remodeling my kitchen after we had a water leak. He helped us every step of the way from design to colors. He even spoke with the insurance company when they tried to under cut us. His professionalism is one of a kind. He communicates and takes time away from his family to make sure you understand the process. My wife and I had no issues leaving Scott and his crew in our house to work without anybody home. Honest and trustworthy can't even begin to describe Scott and his crew. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to Scott and Rhino Construction for many years to come.

Arnie Blitstein
Moorpark, CA

Scott does impeccable work with the utmost integrity. From the extreme detail in his proposals to his attention to detail with his workers and subs, the job is done right the first time. He communicates with everyone involved throughout the entire process so expectations are always met. I would and have referred Scott to anyone looking for a contractor that does quality work with integrity.

Kay W.

We were delighted with the quality of the work performed by Rhino Construction. Scott Reinhardt was very easy to work with. He was very professional and organized our project to ensure it stayed on track for our tight timelines. Scott was always available to answer questions and to make modifications to provide solutions to issues that arose during our renovation. He also offered his advice on multiple issues while still leaving the final decision up to us. In one instance he personally came out over the weekend to fix a sprinkler leak that developed. He genuinely cares about his clients and goes above and beyond normal expectations to ensure that his clients are completely satisfied with all aspects of the work. It was especially pleasing to receive weekly updates on work completed so that we could track the progress of the work. We highly recommend Rhino construction and look forward to working with them on our next project.

Tony Polverino

Scott Reinhardt and his Rhino Construction crew are fantastic. He is professional, on-time, and oversees high quality workmanship. He was in touch with us almost daily as he oversaw the renovation of 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a family room. His tile crew is amazing. They converted a tub to a shower with a glass door enclosure...GORGEOUS. They did so many wonderful upgrades. He converted a little used wet-bar into a desk/computer station, he modified our kitchen cabinets and installed new soft close doors and drawers. They installed over 700 sq ft of beautiful porcelain tile. Great work, communication and fairly priced. He only bills as work is completed. He leads a team you can be confident will deliver on impeccable work to your home.

Marq Cheek
Moorpark CA

Dear Scott:

Now that I am enjoying my remodeled kitchen, I would like to thank you for your expertise and professionalism throughout the project. During the planning stage at the beginning of the year, your input was simply invaluable in helping me come up with a design which suited the space. You were so helpful in turning a few ideas into "a plan".

Once this first step was accomplished, I appreciated your providing me with a very detailed cost estimate and time frame for the project so I knew exactly what to expect. As promised, the project was completed in 3 weeks within budget and I was able to leave for an extended vacation secure in the knowledge that I had a great new kitchen to come back to.

The final element that I would like to commend you for is the excellence of your workmen. They were cordial, polite and very neat. They did an awesome job of cleaning up at the end of the day so that Emmett and I could “take back the house” every evening. They were very detail-oriented, taking time to get the little things right. I was impressed with the pride they took in their work and their cooperative spirit.

Since our house is pretty old, I know we have remodeling/updating projects ahead of us, and hope we will have occasion to collaborate again.

Jadzia McDonough
1201 Las Alturas Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Dear Mr. Reinhardt.

I wanted to thank you for the services Rhino Construction provided to Ricoh Printing Systems America.

Your team’s professionalism and expertise made my experience with Rhino Construction a very enjoyable experience. Your flexibility and willingness to work with me and my contractors was also key to making our projects successful.

I wish you and Rhino construction continued success. Sincerely.

Tony Simatovic
Facility Manager
Ricoh Printing Systems America
2390 Ward Ave.
Simi Valley CA. 93065

Dear Scott,

I want to thank you and your team for the great job you did remodeling our garage. It went from a storage room to a very nice garden room.

While that was the expected outcome, it was the unknown issues that we encountered along the way that truly made a difference – plus one other, the quality of the team of guys you had working here. Your references that I called before giving you the work all said that when things were encountered along the way that couldn’t be predicted, that you would always do all possible to address them in a fair and reasonable way. In our case, that was that the structure wasn’t actually anchored to the foundation as it needed to be and that the beams that were up didn’t actually go to the side structure, but were supported by the existing drywall. You gave me a VERY reasonable estimate to fix those things and they didn’t cause a delay in the completion of the job. All was done in the spirit of working together as a team to finish the job on time as promised.

Your team of guys were great. They took great pride in the work they did and although you were always out checking on the progress, in my view it was their pride of quality workmanship that really drove the end work-product. They also were very polite and friendly so it was a pleasure to have them here. They also cleaned up at the end of the day to minimize the disruption in our garden.

In the end, the job was finished on-time and with the exception of the small add-ons was essentially on budget. Paulette and I were very happy and will always call you in the future for work we need done and have already referred you to a couple of our neighbors.

Thanks again.


PS – Paulette particularly like the flowers you sent us at the end of the work. That was a very nice gesture!!!

Richard Little
(949) 633-2200 (mobile)

Dear Scott: I am writing to thank you and your team for a job well done in connection with the remodel project of my home. As we discussed at our initial meeting, the thought of going through this construction project made me extremely uneasy. I guess the horror stories of construction projects gone bad got the best of me. However, I had faith that our story would have a different ending given the source of my referral to you.

It was not long into the project when I realized that I had made the right choice in selecting your company for our construction project. You and your team were extremely diligent and professional. I especially appreciated your ability to work through unexpected issues in a very efficient and cost effective manner. In addition, you were able to complete the project on time (3-4 months sooner than the other contractors we interviewed) and on budget. You were able to work well with the city building inspectors even though you have previously never worked in our city.

And finally, I greatly appreciate your attentiveness to the few post-construction issues that have popped-up. Your commitment to delivering a completed project is very admirable. I would not hesitate in the slightest to refer Rhino Construction to others in need of construction related projects (large or small). I plan on using your services for all my future home improvement projects.

Again, many thanks to you and your team.

Ken Froelich
Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP

11444 W. Olympic Blvd., 11th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 566-1946 - Telephone
(310) 566-6865 - Fax

I hired Scott Reinhardt, owner of Rhino Construction, for a difficult job – difficult because it was mandated by the city and absolutely nothing I wanted to do. So I was unhappy from the beginning. But Scott was patient and understanding throughout. He handled both prickly me and prickly city inspector and still managed to bring the project to a successful conclusion. The job kept getting bigger as the inspector demanded more and more, but somehow Scott managed his own schedule to complete the project about as quickly as possible.

His work was very professional and done ‘by the book’. He isn’t the cheapest contractor around, but he is a pleasure to deal with and he stays on the job until it is finished. He was also very responsive to email and telephone contacts.

I especially liked his billing methods. He identified each project exactly and the cost associated with it. Then he billed for the amount of that project completed (say, 50%) as we went along. It was very clear and also very professional. I would be happy to speak to you about this contractor if you want to call or email.

Linda Fidell
818 921-0765

I was extremely happy with my Rhino Construction remodel. Scott Reinhardt is a person of the upmost integrity. He was always : prompt, patient and polite. Very willing to explain everything in words I could understand. He was on the job everyday to be sure things were done right. All the craftsmen that he brought to the job were without exception, highly skilled and also gentlemen. My project stayed on schedule with no delays. It was a totally pain free experience. I would use Rhino again in a heartbeat.

- Diane Salerno

BBQ Pit Remodel

I wanted to take a moment to let you, and anyone considering hiring Rhino Construction know what kind of experience I had using your firm. Ihad solicited multiple bids to remodel the BBQ in our back yard that was in a pit in the ground and included a swim up bar.

From the beginning you and Tom stood out from the others because of your flexibility, creativity and down to earth attitude. Your position was clear that "it is the client's BBQ and he can have it any way he wants!" So when I hired you I took the position that if we ran into somthing unexpected that caused additional work I would pay for the extra work. Here are the things that really stood out:

You and Tom took measurement, pictures and made sketches of the old BBQ area to assist in the creation of the new "look." You both collaborated on new and creative ideas and made suggestions on what could be done to make it a real "oh wower."

I made a major change after construction started which required relocating the sub structure that had already been created. It was done with no problem, no complaining,

You encountered solid concrete when demo-ing the existing stairs which was totally unexpected and not included in your price. Although it took most of one day to jack hammer it out, you did not charge extra for this.

Your workers did not "short cut" anything. For example, the existing flooring did not have proper support. I thought that your guys would put new supports between the existing ones. But they created new supports far exceeding what I expected. I was totally impressed with their dedication to perfection.

The job site was cleared extremely well after each day and everything was put away.

The end result is very impressive and I highly recommend your firm.

Respectfully submitted,

- Richard Schump

Miner Project, Thousand Oaks, CA

Kitchen Remodel

"Rhino Construction used exemplary skills in coordinating the project and finding expert sub contractors to complete my kitchen on time and on budget. I had a long list of expectations and Scott showed his initiative and flexibilty to overcome any problems that came up. He called frequently to keep me informed of any progress and always kept his appointments with me.

Scott proved to have unquestionable expertise in all areas of contracting and created the kitchen of my dreams."

Louise Miner

Strategic Perception Project, Hollywood CA

Addition and Remodel of Corporate Office
"Funeral director. Used car salesman. Contractor. These are just some of the professions that attract people who aren't naturally pleasant to deal with. I've found the exception.

Scott Reinhardt is a great, honorable, craftsman and manager of men. But far more important, he's a really decent, honorable guy. When he says he'll be at your project at 10 AM, he'll be there at 9:55 AM. Everytime. When he says a project will cost $10,000, expect $9,000 or less. Everytime. When he says a supplier didn't meet their promised date, expect to hear that he's standing in their shop until the order is filled.

He's that kind of guy. And, one you'd love to have a beer with, or more likely want to watch coaching his kid's ball team.

He's big, he's burly. He's straightforward and can be brusque, but Scott's honest as the day is long.

Search the world, interview whomever you want. I can tell you without a hint of question you will never match or top Scott Reinhardt.

They broke the mold."

Fred Davis, Chairman

Shaw Project, Hollywood CA

Convert House to Music Studio and Offices

"Working with Rhino Construction on our latest project has been the best so far. We have done more remodels than we really want to think about and wish that we would have found Rhino Construction when we did our first project. Home building and remodeling is like most things, a learning experience and we have learned alot. The number one thing on the list is a good contractor and without one there is going to be trouble. Scott takes pride in his work and if something isn't right, he usally sees it and takes care of it before we see it and that's what you want, someone looking out for you, there best is good enough to get the job done RIGHT.

We look forward to working with Rhino Construction on our next project."

Jeanne and Tommy Shaw of the world famous rock band STYX