If you can dream it, we can build it!

Custom Homes – At Rhino Construction, our principal has over 30 years in the home building business. He has managed the construction of over one thousand custom and production style homes in his career while working for private developers. He worked with some of the best architects in the country. He has been involved in several projects over the years, several started from a piece of dirt and through a carefully managed process have become communities. Everything from one custom home on an individual site to multiple units and production homes on several hundred acres. He has spent most of his career in Southern California but also conducted business in New Orleans, Louisiana and Reno, Nevada. We take the family's needs, your budget and any property restrictions all into account when we design a new home.

Some of the services:

  • Design of property
  • Design of home
  • Manage all project consultants… i.e. soils, structural eng.
  • Process project for permits with appropriate agency.
  • Provide documentation for Gov. funded programs
  • All aspects of construction